Build Up Your Reserve Capacity.

I started my business, Safe at Home Physical Therapy, because I want to help people prevent falls, injury, illness and hospitalization.

Fall is on the way. Cooler weather, which after this hot summer, we can welcome with open arms. We also want to prevent/limit those winter illnesses.

By doing the right exercise program- the right combination of activities, correct progression and the right frequency, intensity and duration- you can improve your strength, decrease your risk of falls, injury and illness.You can build up your reserve capacity- so if you do get sick or have an injury, you will have an easier time recovering. You are also less likely to have a disabling injury if you do have a fall. Your strength is better, your protective reactions are better and you feel better.

September 22nd, the first day of fall, is Fall Prevention awareness day. It is sponsored by the National Council on Aging and your local Falls Free © Coalition. For further information, go to

Email us at or call (585)398-6050 to discuss your needs and goals. We now offer preventive therapy packages and continue to offer the “Keep on Moving” © Classes at the Legacy at Fairways in Victor.


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