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Keep on Moving!

About Safe at Home Physical Therapy 


Safe At Home Physical Therapy  is for people who want to stay active and independent. Whether that means playing with grandchildren, golfing, traveling, or just getting around your home/community without being limited by pain or feeling a little weak or wobbly,  we have specialized programs to help you. It is for you if you do NOT like relying on pain medicine. You can reduce and abolish pain that is limiting your mobility, without the risks and side effects of medication. By improving your strength, balance, and mobility our programs can help you continue, or get back to doing the things you enjoy now, and for years to come.  

Each client is evaluated and given a specialized exercise program, developed and based on their goals and needs. We come to you or you can come to our clinic at 1290 Blossom Drive, Suite 2, Victor, NY. Therapy Sessions are up to one hour, you will have the same therapist every visit and you do not have to be home bound. No referral needed to begin therapy. 

Robin Barclay has over 18 years experience as a physical therapist. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology, from the University of Maryland and Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Physiotherapy, from The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. She completed her training in clinics throughout Scotland. Experience includes working at George Washington University Hospital and the National Children's Center in Washington DC.  Most of her time has been in Upstate New York.  With some experience in orthopedic and pediatric fields, the majority of work spent providing home physical therapy to adult patients. She developed the "Keep on Moving"©  classes to help people build strength and balance, reduce risk for falls, and continue an exercise regime when physical therapy is completed. She is a Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults and Rock Steady Boxing Coach.

Robin Barclay

 Safe at Home Physical Therapy- We help you keep on moving!

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