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Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 12.55.06 PM.png

Does not have legs that go to the floor.

keeps the walkway clear and it is easy to install.

Screen Shot 2023-12-11 at 9.38.59 AM.png

Can be used in bathroom/bedroom.

Alternative to bedrail for adjustable beds.

Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 12.54.40 PM.png

Easy to install. 

*Cannot be used on adjustable beds. 

Screen Shot 2023-12-12 at 2.23.48 PM.png

1 Pair 2 4 6 8 10 Lbs Leg Weight Straps for Women and Men

Weighted Ankle Weights Set for Gym,Fitness, Workout, Walking, Jogging

1-5 lbs Each Ankle, 1 Pair 2-10 lbs

Screen Shot 2023-12-11 at 9.30.56 AM.png

Back of shoe flexes for easy on and off and provide good arch support and stability

Screen Shot 2024-01-24 at 9.10.34 AM.png

Portable Vehicle Support Handle for Easy Sit to Stand Assistance

Car Assist Grab Bar Handle

Daily Mobility Assistive Device for Adults Seniors and Elderly

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