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1. Do I need a referral to see a physical therapist?

No. New York State is a direct access state. 

If you are a Medicare client then a plan care will be sent to your doctor for signature. 

2. Do you accept insurance? See rates and insurance.

2. If I am a medicare patient how will I know if services are covered?

If you are being seen because of injury, illness, ongoing pain, or falls, this would be covered under physical therapy services. 

If you have completed therapy sessions and would like to continue working to progress your program, you want to be proactive and work with a therapist to maximize your strength, balance, or you would like services to get fit to play golf, this would fall under fitness. Fitness is self pay. 

3. How much do self pay services cost?

We offer per session rates, and multi-session cards. Call (585)398-6050 or click here to  email Robin Barclay, PT

4. Where is your office?

We provide physical therapy services in your home. We come to you. Our business office is in Farmington. We are a member of the Victor Chamber of Commerce.

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