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urban poling
urban poling

Customer Review

"Hi! I am one of those who met you at Perinton Rec Wellness Fair and came down to victor to purchase the poles. 

A simple thank you seems so inadequate. My original plans were to help my sister in ny, but my husband and I found ourselves in Florida. I used the poles everyday down there and I could have sold 10+. because so many were impressed with the way I was walking and enjoying it.

So thank you for being at the fair, thank you for showing me the confidence to use them.

In this time of crisis, I am still using them. I use them each day as Lou and I walk our neighborhood waving to those inside their homes.

A sincere thank you in opening a forgotten world for me and in doing so perhaps making neighbors smile.

urban poling

Watch below to hear Anne's experience with Activator Poles.

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