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Nine Ways to Avoid a Fall

in home physical therapy
  1. Build up your leg strength.

  2. Wear Flat shoes with closed heel and toe. Make sure they fit well.

  3. Keep Pathways Clear- no cords across your walkway, no scatter rugs, no small spaces to maneuver through.

  4. Make your home accessible. You should have 2 railings in stairways inside and outside, appropriate lighting, make sure furniture is an appropriate height for you.

  5. Do one thing at a time, do not try and carry too many things.

  6. If you need a cane or walker, USE it. If you have not been assessed by a PT with your device, set up an appointment. They will make sure it is the appropriate device, fits you correctly and that you are using it correctly.

  7. Do not be in a hurry to answer the door, the phone, or to get to the bathroom.

  8. Know your medicines. Know why you are taking them and be aware of the side effects. New med? Changed med? If yes, then be extra aware of how it is affecting you , especially the first several weeks. Talk to your pharmacist and Physician.

  9. Call Safe at Home Physical Therapy and set up a screening. Know your risk. Find out where you need improvement and what you can do in addition to the above to stay active and independent.

Why wait for a fall to happen? Be proactive and Keep on Moving!

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