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How StrivePD is Changing the Game in Parkinson's Treatment

Technology is rapidly changing the landscape of healthcare, providing innovative solutions for various diseases. One such disease benefiting from this tech revolution is Parkinson's. In our latest podcast episode, we chat with Brianna Hood, who's leading the charge in revolutionizing Parkinson's care with her incredible app, StrivePD.

Developed by Brianna and her team at Rune Labs, StrivePD is an application designed to help Parkinson's patients better manage their symptoms. The concept of the app was inspired by Aura Oslapas, a woman living with Parkinson's, who aimed to make symptom tracking and communication with clinicians easier and more efficient. Strive PD works with the Apple ecosystem, allowing users to monitor their symptoms, including tremors and dyskinesia, and to share this data with their clinicians.

StrivePD's integration with Apple technology has been a game-changer in Parkinson's care. By harnessing the capabilities of Apple Watches, the app can track tremors and dyskinesia passively, providing users with real-time insights into their condition. Moreover, the app includes medication reminders, enabling users to stay on top of their medication schedule, an essential aspect of managing Parkinson's.

Our discussion also delves into the exciting world of Rune Labs' Brain Sense Technology. This technology enables people to monitor their tremor and the effects of medications and physical activity, significantly improving their compliance with their treatment plan. By providing a more in-depth understanding of their health, StrivePD empowers users to take control of their Parkinson's journey.

The innovative technology of StrivePD doesn't stop there. The app also integrates fall detection technology, a significant feature for those living alone. Comparatively, devices like life alerts can be quite expensive with monthly subscriptions. The fall detection feature of the Apple Watch offers a more cost-effective solution, demonstrating the multifaceted benefits of StrivePD and the Apple ecosystem in Parkinson's care.

Our podcast episode also highlights the future developments of StrivePD. The integration of heart rate metrics into the clinician portal is one such exciting development on the horizon. This feature will provide even more comprehensive data for clinicians to understand and manage their patients' health.

In conclusion, the conversation with Brianna Hood illustrates how technology like StrivePD is not just changing but truly revolutionizing care and treatment for Parkinson's. As technology continues to advance, we can look forward to more innovative solutions that enhance the quality of care and improve the lives of those living with Parkinson's.


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