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Physical Activity During the Pandemic.

in home physical therapy

It does not take long for your muscles to atrophy (waste away). One major reason your muscles can atrophy is from lack of physical activity. It is important that you move throughout the day and not just exercise for a bit then sitting the rest of the day. Stand up and sit down from your chair a few extra times can help maintain your leg strength. Increase your challenge by adding more repetitions or using your arms less to push off. Make sure the seat you are getting up from is sturdy. Walk often during the day. Do laps in your apartment or house several times a day. Get outside and walk if you can. It is a great way to get in some cardiovascular exercise while engaging all of your lower body muscles. Up your game by adding some Nordic walking poles while walking. Adding Urban Poling Nordic Walking Poles to your workout increases your muscle engagement to 90% by engaging your core and upper body muscles. Adding the poles increases your calorie burn up to 46%. Learn more about the benefits of Urban Poling walking poles designed by an occupation therapist at (also available for purchase here).


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