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Resolve Your Knee Pain.

Knee Pain. So many struggle with it every day. Have you been limping around for some time trying to decide if you should have knee surgery or stop the activities you enjoy? Have you seen a physical therapist? If you are dealing with knee pain and/or trouble bending and straightening your knee, doing exercises that maximize the strength and motion of your knee can not only stave off knee surgery, they can reduce your pain. This means getting off those pain medicines, improving your gait (the way you walk), decreasing your energy expenditure, lowering risk for developing back pain and pain in other joints, and improving your balance. You can improve your ability to get through the day doing normal activities- getting the mail, standing and cooking, but also getting back to the golf course, your running routine, or the ski slopes. Call a therapist and discuss your needs. Many states have direct access. So you do not need a prescription from a doctor to start physical therapy.

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